Product information

Core technology
Edge Treatment : Design for Safety
  • Prevent electrolyte leak by removing void area (empty space), and sealing strength secured at edge area
  • Essential for thicker tab lead for high power cell.
  • To remove any burr that can lead to problem when not removed
No void area
Elcom’s edge treatment
Critical failure
mode : Void area
Competitors’ edge treatment : failure case
Ni-plating & Surface Treatment : Stability in Electrolyte
  • Control adhesive strength between metal and sealant film.
  • Optimized Surface treatment allows sealant film to stick to the metal in electrolyte, at high temperature environment.
  • Stable and consistency in quality by in-house production
  • Precise control : Ni-plating thickness, Plating adhesion, Analysis of liquid solution of Plating and surface treatment
Surface treatment machine for Aluminum material
Ni-plating & Surface treatment machine for Copper material
XRF : Ni-plating thickness
XRF : Plating Liquid Analysis
Tab Lead Assembly Process : Consistency and efficiency by automation
  • Excellence and consistency in quality achieved by most advanced automated machines
  • 100% of vision inspection doesn't allow any dimensional defect to reach its customer
  • Clean room facility